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Providing your eCommerce business with the SEO boost it needs is our passion. We're a close-knit, UK-based team specialising in a suite of SEO services - from digital PR and link building to bespoke content strategies.

Backed by a deep understanding of eCommerce dynamics, we've steered businesses globally towards online success.

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The Organic Plateau

We've seen it many times.

Traffic isn't growing fast enough and the competition seems to be outranking you for your top search queries. You have no idea where to begin with search engine optimisation and your analytics. 

You've heard of keywords, backlinks and read a few SEO guides. Google is constantly changing.

And which way is the right way?

The right way is having a coherent SEO strategy that follows tried and tested methods for success.

An organic growth plan that leads to higher rankings for your commercially intent search queries.

We take out the guesswork and deliver sustainable growth to your business by our tried and tested search engine optimisation framework.

Search Engine Optimisation Service

The solution we offer is traffic growth via search engine optimisation services.

Our focus starts with Google. Why Google you may ask?

Top Traffic Referrers To All Websites:

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What To Expect

Virtual Meeting & Onboarding

You will receive a questionnaire to allow Straight Up Search to learn more about your commercial priorities. Once this is filled in, you can book to have your 30 minute onboarding call to discuss the next steps. A full report containing your SEO strategy will be sent to you in 48 hours.

Free Monthly Reports

It is absolutely essential to know the numbers. All of our packages include reporting on the key KPIs for organic growth. Let us track your progress and report back to you.

Sustained Organic Growth

This is the beauty of search engine optimisation. You will reap the benefits of our SEO strategy for months and years to come.

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We're The SEO Specialists

We're focused on Search Engine Marketing. Our team of specialists have been successfully driving organic growth for our own portfolio and clients since 2016.

We started with Northampton SEO and now we've rolled out our services to international clients.

One of our most recent case studies most recently delivered year on year organic growth of 310%.

Whether you have a a small-to-medium sized business or a multi-million pound organisation, you will benefit from having a SEO strategy that consistently increases your organic traffic for years to come. 

When we discuss organic strategy with our clients, we often use the analogy:

"you're either on the high street or down a side street."

Where do you want to be?

straight up search

Client Testimonials

Here's some feedback from our clients. Some of these have been so successful that case studies are being generated for them.

g shirley - Outdoor / garden niche affiliate site

I've been using Straight Up Search since the start of 2020. There were lots of little things that my marketing team missed but Jamie & his team were able to give a few pointers. We then had an internal reshuffle and decided to go 'hands off' with our SEO and leave it in capable hands. Thanks to Straight Up Search for your hard work and for putting up with my many calls!

j miller - health & fitness niche affiliate site

Our traffic was always on an upward trend but progress was extremely slow. Straight Up Search was able to clarify the way to improve our rankings for our top key terms. Our year-on-year traffic is up 121%. Credit where credit is due! Very happy!

Benefits of Straight Up Search

what can our seo services help you with? 

Save Time

Our hands on SEO service is going to save you time. Time saved on marketing means you can concentrate on other business strategy.

Clear Communication

Weekly progress calls help you to understand how your website is performing and what the competition is doing.

Have Peace of Mind

Remove guesswork from your marketing. Our job is to stay current with digital marketing trends and effectively apply this to your business.

Get Return-On-Investment

Our framework and approach is to get your leads and sales from highly targeted and commercially intent organic traffic. The goal is for us to grow together.

Time is now

for online growth!

What Makes Straight Up Search Unique?

It doesn't matter how big or small you are.

You will get treated the same and won't be forgotten about.

Each client relationship will be different but everyone has the same goal - business growth and ROI.

Our ultimate aim is for you to become our lifelong client and for us to grow together.

You will receive clear communication from us and know that your website and SEO strategy will be in good hands.

You will be one of our limited clients and you will receive our experience, hard work and dedication on your account.


Guaranteed results or your money back

Every business is different. There is no "one size fits all" SEO strategy. Here are some of the things we can help with:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO (authority link building)
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Strategy

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