Meet Our Team

Here's our Straight Up (Search) experts.

If you were wrapped in a H1 Tag, what would your keyword be?

What's a H1 Header Tag?

H1 tags (Heading 1, Header Tag 1) are one of the most important elements in on-page SEO.  Every page should have one H1 tag (and one only!) - they let Google know what the page is about and should include your primary keyword.

What's a Keyword?

Keywords are the queries that users input on search engines to return results. We use internal tools to determine keyword search volumes, difficulties and geography.

jamie irwin square
Jamie Irwin

Director & SEO Expert

What I think: "Big SEO Geek" 

The team think: "Incessant Dad Jokes"

hannah mcmurray
Hannah McMurray

Content & PR Executive

What I think: "PR Ninja"
The team think: "GIF Queen"

IMG 20200517 WA00011
Iain Crosbie

Senior SEO Analyst

What I think: "The Facilitator"
The team think: "Knowledgeable Haggis"

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Maddie Irwin

Digital Marketing Executive

What I think: "Boston Bad Boy"
The team think: "Team Mother Hen"