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Straight Up SEO Specialists


Making SEO Easier with Our Google-ified Crew

At Straight Up Search, we’re on a mission to make it easier for businesses to find success online. 

Our team of search marketing specialists have the skills and experience to develop organic growth strategies that get tangible results. 

By taking the tedious work out of SEO, we can help our clients quickly improve their organic search rankings to reach their ideal customers. From eCommerce companies, all the way to local service-based businesses, our friendly and expert team is committed to helping you take advantage of the digital age and reach heights you never thought possible!


Our team takes ownership and responsibility through assertive communication, so we can better collaborate, problem-solve, and make successful decisions for you and your business.


We believe that collaborating honestly and openly, while creating thoughtful solutions to individual problems, can help us build positive and successful client relationships and customer experiences. 


We’re passionate about fostering a culture of innovation and problem solving. Our team continuously strives to find new ways of doing things in order to reach shared objectives faster and more efficiently.


We prioritise engaging with our clients and each other in a way that fosters strong working relationships and leads to increased positive outcomes for all involved.


Here's our Straight Up (Search) experts.

When you partner with Straight Up Search, you become a part of something bigger — an experienced team that excels in obtaining results across the entire digital landscape. We have an extensive knowledge base across the complete SEO spectrum from keyword research and technical analysis to local SEO.


The Straight Up Process

At Straight Up Search, we're committed to providing real growth opportunities and championing authentic success. We take pride in our ethical and responsible approach and aim to improve trust and reliability across the entire search industry as a whole.

So if you're looking for an experienced partner for your digital journey, look no further than Straight Up Search!


We specialise in comprehensive analysis of your own website as well as competitor research and a deep understanding of the overall landscape. These insights all work together to identify competitive opportunities so that you can stay ahead of the game and create a distinct niche on the web.


We understand how important it is to get your website to the top of Google search engine rankings so we employ our expertise and knowledge to ensure that your tailored strategy yields long-term, reliable results and provides maximum value for your investment.


We focus on capturing and converting targeted traffic into dedicated customers. Through boosted search rankings we ensure quality visitors reach your page consistently. Once in the funnel we can help convert them into loyal, long-term customers through optimised content and an engaging user experience.


At the heart of any successful digital business is its ability to convert site visitors into paying customers. Of all traffic referral channels, organic search consistently produces the highest conversion rates, so if you're looking for a reliable source to generate leads and sales, SEO should be top of the list.