Free Blog Directories (to Submit Blog Posts) in 2022

Full disclosure, I’m not sure about blog directories in 2022.

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Personally, I would suggest you put your efforts into white-hat link building and digital PR instead. Google’s machine learning is getting smarter and smarter and when you build spammy links via blog directories – who knows what will happen?

That said, there are some high-authority (high domain rating / DR) blog directories that I will suggest. In my experience, you can build this links to add diversity to your backlink profile but pay close attention to ranking movements when you build links like this.

There are two schools of thought in SEO:

  1. Quantity: Building as many links as possible to increase your referring domains, no matter what kind of link.
  2. Quality: Building legitimate links that lead to sources of referral traffic and increase the legitimacy of your domain/brand in Google’s eyes. Something also known as EAT (expertise-authoritativeness-trustworthiness).

In all honesty, I’ve seen success in both schools of thought. But the quality approach is a better investment to future-proof your domain. 

Let’s jump in.

What Are Blog Directories?

In simple terms, blog directories are simply blog roll lists that offer blog submission services. Blog directories are containing blog links, blog reviews and blog articles where users can post their blog to get backlinks for SEO promotion.

Blog directories are the simplest way to get blog backlinks. They may not give direct traffic but they can help in increasing blog’s authority if done properly. 

In terms of SEO strategy, I’d consider this to be low effort, low reward. I prefer to legitimately outreach and build a meaningful domain reputation.

Tips When Blog Directory Link Building

Before submitting blog directory, there are few things you must know about blog directories.

  1. Check for blog directory submission guidelines before submitting blog url to avoid rejection of your blog post during review process.
  2. Directory submission is spam free blog submission technique, blog directory will never publish your blog post on their blog.
  3. Always submit blog post to only high PR blog directories (DR above 10)

Why submit a blog to free blog submission directories?

The fact is that if you have a new blog, it’s nearly impossible to get high Google Search rankings without obtaining quality backlinks. You won’t receive any organic traffic if you don’t rank well.

Some people cut corners and start building foundational links via blog directories. 

What Are The Benefits of Submitting to Free Blog Directories?

You may get the following advantages when you submit your blog to free blog submission sites or directories:

When you submit your blog in free blog submission websites or directories you get the following benefits:

  • You receive free backlinks for your blog. (Backlinks are still one of the most significant variables in Google search ranking)
  • Your blog will be seen by a new audience, on a new channel. Exposure.
  • Backlinks like these, potentially, raise your Google Search results page ranking.
  • In terms of SEO, the higher your blog’s Google rank is, the more traffic it will receive.

Before submitting your blog to any directory, double-check its Domain Rating (DR).

If you submit your blog to a low-profile directory with a low DA and build backlinks, Google may penalize it for poor quality backlinks and move it down in the search results. It’s notoriously difficult to recover from this.