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Last Updated On: May 12, 2022

StraightUpSearch, already a leading name in the SEO service industry, has now acquired HeadStart Online, which was managed under the website, to further bolster its position as a search engine marketing learning resource. was a UK based, dedicated social project which supported equipping young tech savvy individuals with digital skills. On July 26, 2021, HeadstartOnline's site was merged into

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What did HeadStart Online do?


HeartstartOnline was a regionally focused BigLotteryFund digital project established in 2017. Part of Headstart Online's digital approach was to be far-reaching, innovative and aspirational to young tech enthusiasts. It had three fundamental themes:

1. Young people and digitally resilient and digitally savvy

2. Parents are digitally aware and digitally confident

3. Professionals are digitally skilled and digitally positive

StraightUpSearch aligns perfectly with these values and wants to continue to support emotional wellbeing and resilience of young tech enthusiasts through teaching digital skills, particularly search engine marketing and making this widely available, for free.

What does Straight Up Search do?

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Since January 2021, Straight Up Search has operated as a dedicated SEO blog and service that shares case studies, tricks and tips relating to organic traffic growth. Previously, Straight Up Search was known as Irwin Organic.

The synergy between the new venture, Straight Up Search, and HeadStart Online resulted in a successful merger.

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Straight Up Search Limited is an officially registered business in the UK. Companies House Business Number #13509067. 

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