How To Get SEO Clients Without Cold Calling

Last Updated On: September 25, 2023

If you're an SEO professional, then one of your biggest challenges is finding clients.

You can either cold call businesses and hope they need your services, or you can try to find leads online.

In this blog post, we'll share some tips on how to get SEO clients without cold calling. We'll also share a few resources that you can use to find leads. So if you're looking for ways to grow your business, read on!

Let's dive straight into some tips.

SEO Cold Calling

How To Get SEO Clients: Video Summary

Tips on How to Get SEO Clients without Cold Calling (Alternative Ways)

Free Consultation

If you're just starting out, it can be hard to convince businesses that they need your services.

You have one chance to make a first impression, so how do you convince them this is your area of expertise?

One idea is to offer free consultations. If you want to find clients this way, it's important to set expectations before the meeting begins. Tell them how long it will take, how they can prepare for the meeting, and what sort of price packages or tiers that you offer.

free consultation email example

This is a very basic example. Do your research. Consider your USP carefully and pitch it.

Obviously, it makes sense to be slightly flexible on your pricing if you're just starting out. So bear this in mind but make sure you're assertive in your approach to this.


Key Takeaway

Make sure this "Free Consultation" is clearly communicated to your prospects. Keep it above the fold on your website and make it clear when cold emailing. Bonus tip? If the prospect is vaguely interested in your SEO services, follow up with a 5 minute personalised video.

Attend Events With Your Target Customers

target customers

If you're struggling for leads, attending events is a great way to meet new prospective clients. If you can't attend an event in person, you could always try virtual conferences within your industry.

When you attend events in your niche, you get the chance to network with potential customers. These are the people who could actually use your services. You will know how they operate and how exactly they can benefit from what you offer. So when they need search engine optimization, you're the first SEO practitioner that comes to mind (hopefully).

When thinking about what events to attend, think about what industries need SEO the most. Two examples spring to mind as potentially good angles - events targeting eCommerce and SaaS. Both of these tend to thrive in the digital marketing world.


Key Takeaway

Get involved in business networking groups as a way to generate new leads. Typically, these groups will advertise networking events which could be a way to start some conversations with some potential clients. Bring business cards or work on your "elevator pitch".

Do SEO on Your Own Website

As an SEO agency owner, I know that our website is our first impression, our silent salesperson. It's a must to ensure it's thoroughly optimized.

Our content is not random; it's tailored to 'search intent'. We aim to provide value, meet visitor needs, and convert them into clients. We're not just driving traffic; we're creating relationships.

Speed is a game-changer. Our site is optimized for quick load times because we understand that user experience can make or break a lead. From compressing images to caching web pages, we ensure a fast, smooth experience.

We also focus on making connections, earning reputable backlinks, and establishing our authority in the SEO field. We monitor our site's performance closely, keeping tabs on traffic sources, popular pages, and most importantly, lead generation. We adapt, learn and strive for continuous improvement, aiming to be the best, not just the biggest in the SEO field.

Define your specialisation(s)

Defining specialisations is crucial in SEO. As an SEO freelancer, I've thrived by focusing on eCommerce and local businesses. I understand their unique needs, enabling me to offer targeted, effective strategies.

My love for eCommerce SEO and local businesses isn't a limitation but a unique selling point. It sets me apart in a crowded market and attracts clients that align with my expertise.

Staying updated on trends while maintaining my specialisation ensures my strategies stay effective. It's not about narrowing my view, but about delivering exceptional, targeted service to a specific audience. For me, eCommerce and local businesses are the niches I excel in, and it's rewarding to see them succeed.

Follow Up Old SEO Sales Leads: Remind and Convince

As an SEO agency owner, I've learned that an old lead is never a dead lead. It's just a potential client who wasn't ready at the time or maybe the conditions weren't right. It's important to reach back to those old leads, reminding them of their initial interest and the potential benefits they can gain from my services. However, I always ensure my follow-up messages are not generic.

By revisiting our previous interactions, I aim to identify their concerns or business objectives, providing an updated strategy or showcasing new developments in my services that address their needs. It's all about demonstrating growth, adaptability, and persistent value.

Essentially, reengaging with old leads is an art. It involves a fine balance between reminding and selling. Show them that you remember them, show them that you've grown, and show them how your improved services can help them succeed.

Generate A SEO Cold Email Template

Honestly, cold emails convert much better and have less friction than cold calling. It gives you an opportunity to run through and at least provide some hard data and reports.

Cold emailing has been an essential tool in my client acquisition strategy. However, I've realized that it isn't about blasting thousands of identical emails but rather about sending out a smaller number of well-crafted, tailored emails. My templates serve as a starting point, a structure upon which I build a personalized, meaningful conversation.

I invest time in researching the potential client - understanding their business, identifying their possible pain points, and aligning my SEO services with their needs. My emails highlight how my SEO expertise can help them overcome their challenges and attain their goals.

At the end of the day, the key to an effective SEO cold email is to make it about them, not about me. It's about sparking a conversation, offering value, and positioning myself as an SEO expert they'd want to engage with.

Apply for Jobs to Get Free SEO Leads

When I first started as an SEO freelancer, job platforms became an unexpected source of lead generation. I realized that applying for jobs wasn't merely an attempt to land a project, but also a chance to expand my network and establish my reputation in the industry.

Even when a job application didn't result in an immediate contract, it often led to meaningful connections. Potential employers became part of my network, and many would reach out for projects at a later stage or recommend my services to others.

It's like casting a wide net. While not all applications may result in a catch, they spread awareness about my agency, showcasing my skills and establishing my presence in the marketplace.

Create a Pricing Proposal

As an agency owner, I've found that being transparent and flexible with my pricing has been crucial in winning clients. A detailed pricing proposal that outlines the services provided, timelines, and costs involved eliminates any ambiguity and builds trust with the client.

However, creating this proposal isn't just about listing down services and attaching a price tag. It's about demonstrating the value that my agency brings to their business, showing them the ROI that my services can generate.

Additionally, I've learned to be adaptable. While it's essential to value my services adequately, a one-size-fits-all pricing strategy rarely works. Understanding the client's budget and tailoring a pricing plan that works for them has often been key in sealing the deal.

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