9 Months to 930 Front Page Keywords: A Recruitment SaaS SEO Case Study

1,790% Keyword Growth in 9 Months

Organic traffic channel achieved 1,925% session growth.From 635 Monthly Users to 14,906 Monthly Users.   

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The Context

Recruitment SaaS Client

This case study focuses on our Recruitment SaaS Client, ServiceClub.com based in multiple locations across the UK and Europe; and who is currently expanding operations in the US. The client is primarily a training, filtering, recruitment and onboarding tool for delivery apps and people, who help drivers learn the tricks of the delivery industry through the support of specially curated microlearning modules. The client also runs a jobs board where delivery personnel who sign up to their club can find a position in some of the top delivery companies across the world including Just Eat and Deliveroo. 

In this case study you will discover the main challenge faced by the client in such a competitive and dynamic industry and how Straight Up Search were able to achieve a 1,925% increase in their session growth from organic traffic channels. As well as significantly upping their monthly user base from 635 to 14,906 qualified users.

The Challenge

Driving high-volumes of targeted search traffic to reduce high CPA costs

The client’s goal was to increase their position in SERP’s for keywords related to their service. Through our research, we discovered that they were not ranking for many relevant keywords. We also found that their website was not optimised for SEO. In fact, it was riddled with technical SEO issues.

Challenge Summary

  • Competitive: High competition space dominated by recruitment giants
  • Low Authority: Little to no domain history, less than 100 referring domains
  • Technical SEO Issues: The website had architecture problems, no internal linking, duplicate pages 
  • Timeframe: Short to medium term results required to demonstrate ROI behind SEO campaign

Here is a quick snapshot of the SEO-relevant metrics before we began working on this account.



Total Keywords

174 / mth

Organic Traffic


Referring Domains


Organic Search Value

The Solution

An In Depth Keyword Driven SEO Content Strategy for Their Micro Niche

Straight Up Search began by conducting a comprehensive audit of the Recruitment SaaS website’s content, producing a keyword research and competitive analysis report that summarised:

  • Organic Traction & SEO Opportunities: The site’s existing keyword rankings, and what they should be targeting
  • Competitive Deep Dive: The keywords of the brand’s top competitors
  • Backlink Analysis: Studying the domain’s backlink profile

We recommended a SEO driven content marketing strategy targeting long-tail, highly relevant research-based keywords. Then we built out an editorial calendar with headlines and content ideas built to captivate traffic and answer industry-related questions that they may have. A KPI report was sent twice a month to our clients to ensure that they had excellent communication as we published material.

Ramping up your SEO optimised content is just the beginning when it comes to developing a comprehensive SEO strategy. In order to really see results, you need to focus on all of the pillars of SEO – on-page factors, technical SEO, link building and digital PR. By taking a holistic approach to SEO, you can give your website the best chance of ranking highly in search engine results pages.On-page factors refer to all of the elements on your website that can impact your search engine ranking, from the quality of your content to your website’s architecture. Technical SEO covers factors like site speed and indexation, which can also affect your ranking. Link building is about earning high-quality backlinks from other websites, and digital PR involves promoting your website through online channels.

By paying attention to all of these elements, you can create an SEO strategy that will help you hit your KPIs.

The Results

A 1,970% Increase In Keywords On The First Page Of Google

The results were impressive – within just a few months, the client’s website was ranking for 1,900% more front page keywords. This led to a significant increase in organic traffic, and as a result, they saw an increase in qualified leads.

With these qualified leads from organic, the client also saw a significant increase in conversions. This is the result of in-depth keyword research to target industry relevant traffic. 

We implemented on-page SEO techniques and made sure their site was responsive and fast. We also built backlinks to their site from high quality websites. As a result, they saw a 1,970% increase in keywords on the first page of Google and a significant increase in organic traffic and conversions.



Total Keywords

9,250 / mth

Organic Traffic


Referring Domains


Organic Search Value

We’re extremely proud of these results and we’re even more excited to see what we can do for our future clients. If you’re interested in learning more about our SEO services or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be more than happy to chat with you about how we can help your business grow.

Case Study Results (Summary)

Screenshot 159

1,925% organic session growth

Our SEO efforts helped the client grow their organic traffic sessions by 1,925%. The client was ecstatic with the results and has continued to work with us to further improve their organic search traffic.

Page 1 Keywords from 52 to 950+

When we started working with the client, they were only ranking for 52 keywords on the first page of Google. Now, they’re ranking for over 950 keywords on the first page. 

30% of Full Job Applications from Organic

After 6 months of SEO work by Straight Up Search, the client’s website was ranking on the first page of Google for many relevant keywords. They were also generating a lot of traffic from organic search. In fact, 30% of their full job applications were coming from organic search traffic.

Organic Traffic Value from $50 to $3.5k

The client was also seeing a significant increase in organic traffic value. Prior to our work, their organic traffic was only worth $50 per month. Now, it’s worth $3,500 per month. This increase in traffic and organic search rankings has helped the client reduce their CPA costs significantly.

Become a SUS Success Story

We’ve delivered results like these for many, many clients. Learn how Straight Up Search can help you turbo-charge your organic traffic with an SEO strategy custom-built for your particular business by visiting our SEO Services page. When you’re ready to take the next step, download our pricing proposal to learn how to get started!

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