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Content Marketing Institute:  Internal Linking for SEO: How To Get It Right

Contributing to a leading authority in marketing

We talked about the significance of internal linking for SEO and demonstrated the value via providing an extract from one of our best case studies.


Brand engagement and video marketing insights

"In my experience, as a blog owner and an affiliate marketer reviewing products, I answer common questions in my niche via video. Because I highlight that my blog is responsive, and I encourage engagement, my users comment on blog content with questions, so I take to video to answer these questions individually."


Some of our favourite Google Calendar Hacks... shared!

Jamie Irwin, director and founder of Straight Up Search, uses the daily agenda email for updates on his day-to-day activities, appointments and tasks. “Having this arrive in an email each day is a great way for seeing what our days look like ahead of time,”

And If you do actually happen to have a personal assistant, this would be a great thing to forward to them every morning.

astute copy blogging

Astute Copy Blogging:  Best Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools... we've tried them all!

"If you could only use 4 tools for keyword research, which 4 would you choose and why? Prepare to blown away by their answers!"

We naturally had to jump on this one.

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Social media insights from an early stage

When it comes to marketing, it's all about reaching the right people at the right time. 


An age old debate. Content marketing. We had to.

“Businesses need user data to optimise their marketing efforts and increase revenue, so there is no correct answer whether you should gate or ungate your content.”

“The best solution is to test both to see what works best for your company. As long as you are not violating any copyright laws or compromising user privacy, the choice is up to you, right?”

astute copy blogging

Feedback gives customers a voice and makes them feel valued.

Client communication is one of the most important aspects of client management and the overall customer experience.

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To answer this question, we first must address the concern of our ‘digital self’.

 "A digital representation of yourself, a personal avatar, that can communicate with others and engage in commerce. It might be an entire 3D virtual world, or simply your Facebook page.”


Christmas may not have been completely cancelled in 2020 for those in PR, but at best it was a virtual affair.

“Whilst we don't have a big office and a big number of employees, we plan to indeed get wild and celebrate the season. And why not? We all deserve it for what has been an absolutely crazy year for digital PR and changing online trends.”

astute copy blogging

Self-worth and work are often intertwined when you're a freelancer.

"Once you strip the emotional element like self-worth from your work, you're bringing it back to it just what it is - an economically driven project. It's no different to any business transaction, so act accordingly."

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SEO is a very lucrative industry. But there is no clear path to success in this field. Since most of the SEOs are self taught, you have to chart your own career path. 

"When I first got into SEO I was obsessed with finding courses, qualifications and paying for accreditations. But my portfolio of sites has become my accreditation."


At the start of 2020, none of us could ever have imagined the huge impact virtual meeting platforms would have on our day-to-day communications, both at work and in our personal lives.

“I think one of the best parts of Microsoft Teams is that it’s a single collaboration space for you and your team. Because we’re such a distributed company, it’s easy to get isolated in your own silo (your office, or even just your desk). The fact that I can have a conversation with my teammates right from within the same client is awesome."

astute copy blogging

Despite constant headlines about skills shortages, employers are beginning to see post-pandemic growth on the horizon and want to build a strong team to meet their goals.

“Sometimes people will apply for roles they are not necessarily qualified for, but it’s worth giving them an interview as they may be aware of someone who would fit the role better. It also puts less pressure on the candidate if they know there is a shortage of suitable applicants – reducing disappointment and resentment.”

biz opportunities

How can marketers ensure each new page on their B2B website is optimized for SEO? Here are some quick tips.

“A few well-chosen words can produce a better user experience and more conversions. However, technical concepts should still be explained clearly in all pages of your site – just refrain from using them throughout.”


We spoke with a few marketers who told us what they’re doing to better-target their customers through better B2B marketing content.

Jamie Irwin, eCommerce Manager at Straight Up Search says their content strategy centers around SEO tactics and in-depth keyword research.


Preply: 8 Things companies should consider for business expansion

Battling complacency requires moving away from your comfort zone. In business, this can easily be accomplished through one course of action: business expansion. 

Jamie Irwin, Founder of Straight-Up Search, a business strategy firm, explains that “Essentially, if you’re not growing – someone else is."

10 Powerful Customer Review Examples & How to Ask for More

Shogun: 10 Powerful Customer Review Examples & How to Ask for More

Customer reviews also provide valuable feedback and insights into how you can improve your products and store to increase sales.

"You can take advantage of positive reviews in a few different ways. Use them as social proof to drive more sales. When shoppers see that others have had positive experiences, they’re more likely to purchase themselves." - Jamie Irwin, Director & Founder at Straight Up Search


SEOCalling: 11 Experts Share Beginner Friendly SEO strategies for sites with zero backlinks

Based on experience, if your content is top-notch – backlinks won’t be required until the space gets more competitive. Admittedly, backlinks will speed up your organic traction but high-quality content (targeted to your keyword) is enough to get initial rankings.

"At the risk of mentioning something a tad cliché in this industry, you could double down on your content optimisation. But in a very targeted way. "

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