SEO for Estate Agents (FAQ, Guide & Tips)

Last Updated On: August 4, 2022

Skyrocket Your Online Presence and Rank Higher for Keywords In Your Niche - Prospective Buyers Are Waiting!

Our bet is you stumbled upon this page on the first page of Google via search, or an estate agent we previously served recommended our services to you? We're putting our money on the former.

This is organic! and precisely what we help our clients achieve through search engine optimisation.

Welcome to Straight Up Search's, SEO for estate agents - Tenants and buyers need that unique property that only you are advertising. And don't forget that high-quality vendors and landlord clients are potentially after your services too.

How better for them to find your estate agency than to discover your property listing on the first page of search engines?

We know most estate agent websites look great and have fantastic photography, but this is not always enough as few actually get it right regarding an SEO strategy and persuasive copywriting. Don't worry, you don't have to do it yourself; you can trust Straight Up Search to handle all website's search engine optimisation strategies!

We're here to make prospects see your great estate agency website so feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be delighted to help you!


Why Are You Interested in SEO for Estate Agents?

There are a number of reasons why you may be interested in SEO for estate agents, including: 

  1. You are interested in outranking other real estate agents on Google
  2. You're already showcasing your property online but not getting leads
  3. You are intrigued by the idea of result-oriented local SEO for estate agents

Think of why other estate agencies' websites come up on the first page of search engines but not yours. What caused such priority visibility? Call it excellent SEO for estate agents.

Excellent SEO can help your estate agency's website also appear among the top search results. This is our goal at Straight Up Search, we are ideally suited to help you ensure search engines locate and rank your website favourably.

But first, if you're still not convinced...

Let's hear what our previous customers are saying about our SEO services:

Optimise Your SEO Strategy - The All-in-one Estate Agents' SEO Service

We can't talk about how we will help you improve your visibility on Google without mentioning our services. So here is a closer look at what we can do for you:

Keyword Research

Estate agents in the UK often have a rough idea about what keywords their target audience is typing on search engines. Most commonly, that's what they usually include in their property listings. The truth? You might be targeting the wrong keyword or search term.

If you want to streamline your targeting or are looking to increase your leads in the UK's real estate industry, Straight Up Search has the resources to make it happen.

Utilising premium keyword tools plus our six years of experience in SEO strategy, we will help you target the right keywords in your website content and property listings. Here is a few examples of what we look for:

  • Intent-based keyword research
  • Performance-driven keywords
  • Competitor-sensitive search terms
  • Topic-relevant keywords

Research that Incorporates Long-Tail Keywords

What if we told you that prospective customers are becoming more specific in their property search by adding descriptors to their searches? That's right. A search such as "3 -bedroom house with a gym in Wellingborough" stands a high chance of ranking higher and getting more leads.

Don't believe us? 69.7% of search queries contain four (long-tail keywords) words  or more. That's more than half of the search queries on search engines. Imagine how many homeowners might buy your property if you optimise your property listings for long tail searches!

However, most estate agents' SEO strategies fail to optimise for long-tail searches. And those that do also fail to hit the right long tail keywords in terms of relevance, volume, and competitiveness. The result? Higher rankings but no leads.

Rather than have your property listings and content ignored by users, let Straight Up Search handle your search engine optimisation strategy!

Google and Bing-specific Web Design and Marketing

Yes! It's a strategy we have worked on for almost seven years, helping real estate agents stay competitive in the property market. You cannot discuss excellent property listings without bringing up great SEO-friendly website design.

Do you want your website to have the best-in-class design? Don't worry! Our web design team will deliver exactly that.

And keep in mind that we design not just limited to Google-facing websites - we are also competent at creating websites for other search engines like Bing. That said, here are features you can expect on your website:

  • Detailed property search functionalities with listing options building type, number of bedrooms, and price
  • Image galleries and slideshows with captions that display your properties for easy viewing
  • Interactive maps powered by top mapping APIs like Google and Bing for exact property locations and the surrounding amenities
  • A user-friendly Content Management System to easily manage your property listings like updating prices
  • Enquiry and landlord sign-up forms for customers.

Credit-worthy Content in the Property Industry

Another commonly overlooked area of SEO for estate agents is creating content that drives web traffic to your business. Imagine this for a second...

A potential tenant, landlord, or buyer is looking for local user guides and informational posts. They do a quick Google search, and your website pops up. However, they fail to get the information they want.

Wouldn't they find other websites with content that suits their intent? Blogging is one of the ways to create content that builds thought-leadership status in the estate agency industry.

It also helps you optimise for keywords you failed to target with your landing pages, generating a lot more website traffic. Crucially, we help estate agents create content that would help bolster their link-building efforts (more in the next section).

How much would it be worth to you to grow your content marketing efforts while making it 10x less stressful? It's a lot, right? Imagine doing it in much less time than it took your competitor to build their blog.

Our content marketing services are top of their class, giving any estate agent the opportunity to up their google rankings. And if you opt for a semi-DIY content creation approach, you can also benefit from our SEO-focused post plans and content outlines.


Link Building For Estate Agents

Part of our SEO content writing involves building links to your website from other sites, aka inbound links. It's like having billboards of your property on different streets in London. And inbound links generate tons of site visitors. But here's the thing: Not all external links add value to your site.

Would you believe us if we told you that ten high-quality links render 10x more value for your website than 50 poor links? Using the Ahref SEO tool, our experienced team starts with an analysis of the top estate agent websites, slowly comparing their inbound and outbound links with your website.

We also analyse whether your backlinks pass any SEO values to your site (do-follow) and their quality. Ultimately our objective is;

  • Create a detailed list of high-authority websites in the property industry; we can secure a link for your site.
  • Understand what content ideas, channels, formats, and themes your competitors used to earn external links. (Are they property blogs, prestigious publications, or other local businesses?)
  • Develop primary Key Performance indicators (KPIs) the link-building strategy needs to hit (Is it to drive leads, organic traffic, or increase brand awareness?)
  • Leverage some of the long-term relationships we have established with other estate agencies' websites to

Provide additional context to Google to help it prioritise your website via our link-building service.

SEO for Estate Agents Consultancy and Training

Your estate organic growth might have reached a plateau, and you are now playing catch up to your competition. Or you might be simply starting your estate agency.

Or maybe you want to upskill your in-house marketing team? Straight Up Search can teach you better than other SEO agencies in any of those scenarios.

SEO is an ever-evolving long-term play; you don't want your estate agent website to become an "out of sight, out of mind" resource.

We will teach you how to use Google keyword planner and various premium tools to research, plus on-page optimisation techniques and other SEO tips to improve your position on the search engine results page. We have already done it with many estate agencies. And you are next in line.

Google My Business Listings

Google My Business (GMB) is a platform that allows customers to find your property listings and other services via Google Maps. Local searches are an indispensable source of prospective clients for all real estate agents in the UK.

With a Google My Business account, it's easier for prospective buyers looking for property in your area to find you. But not many estate agents know how to optimise their GMB accounts to show up in most search results involving their local areas.

Straight Up Search is proud to be your go-to SEO agency for local search optimisations. Here are key elements well will consider:

  • Craft a compelling description of your real estate business
  • Add your profile in the Estate Agent category
  • Match the address in your listing to that on your website for consistency
  • Incorporate your website's link with a clean URL structure
  • Respond to your customers' reviews and questions to increase trust and entice more reviews and click throughs
  • Provide up-to-date images of your business

SEO for Estate Agents Website Audit

Would you like a detailed analysis of your website to measure your ROI? Then, leverage our data collection expertise to help you make informed decisions about future campaigns. We will help you get an in-depth view of your site speed, any broken links, keyword content gaps, and your competitive landscape. Besides the audit, our team will develop a strategy for fixing any creeping problems in the short and long term.

Why Choose Straight Up Search's SEO Services?

Leading SEO Agency: Grow your estate agency both locally and internationally. As mentioned earlier, we have provided SEO services for over seven years, during which we've helped several local estate agencies capture more leads and generate tons of revenue.

Award-winning Team: Get a spot on the first page of Google and lose fewer customers to your competition. Our team has been featured by top digital brands like Rank Math, Shopify and Odys, Flippa and many more.

Personalised approach: Own the SEO process from start to finish and upskill your marketing team for your own SEO needs. We will have a specific member of our team that understands every aspect of your project and tracks your progress.


Ready to dive in?

When you work with Straight Up Search, you don't just want a search engine optimisation strategy for estate agents. Of course, that's part of it, but here is what you really want:

You want to get more web traffic and convert more leads into customers.

You're not expecting overnight results. But you'd sure like to become an authority in the estate agent industry and have other valuable sites linking to your website.

And we will be honest with you - we will execute all relevant strategies as discussed above, but you need to give it some time and exercise patience for the results to materialise.

Our clients in real estate and other industries have multiplied their number of users and their revenue repeatedly. So expect results to start showing up organically and sustainably over time. You will no longer have your website ignored.

So contact Straight Up Search to start your journey today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is SEO for estate agents?

The real estate property market is a highly competitive industry. With most customers beginning their search online, estate agents need SEO to stand out online. Ultimately businesses need to optimise their main property page and ensure each property listing features among the top searches. Crucially SEO is vital to building credibility, authority, and trustworthiness, key metrics to rank higher.

What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO for estate agents?

On-page SEO encompasses all those optimisation activities of your website's web pages that aim to increase its rankings on search engines. It includes title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, keywords, content, etc.

On the contrary, off-page SEO achieves the same goal but uses outside aspects like link building, guest blogging, and social media marketing.

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